Spiced Sweet Potato Rounds

Here I go again adding one more roasted vegetable to my list of recipes, but it is honestly the most comforting thing to eat in the winter -- plus... it's a healthier starch... right? These little round chips will cook faster than chunks of sweet potato and are able to achieve a crispy exterior with [...]

Fiery Roasted Cabbage

I know what you're thinking okay...cabbage is not a sexy thing to cook. Hear me out: I was eating at a restaurant in downtown Toronto and ordered an entree that had grilled cabbage, among other beautiful components like seared scallops and butter-roasted potatoes. I had every intention of scraping that cabbage to the side of [...]

Roasted Fall Vegetables

I totally get that you can roast vegetables any time of year, but once fall hits, it's like some spirit takes over my body and says, "roast them, roast them all" with no mercy. Roasting brings out such a unique flavour profile to vegetables. Some will take on the taste of sweetness as they caramelize [...]