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Mulled Apple Cider

It’s the one time of the year where pure apple cider is available to us at any grocery store or orchard, which of course calls for an occasion to warm it up, spike it slightly, and settle down for the evening with a soothing cup…

Pumpkin Pie Squares

I’m getting right into posting pumpkin recipes… and the best part is… no one can stop me!These pumpkin squares are a different take on the classic pumpkin pie we all know. They’re sweet yes, but also have a great amount of hidden spice… and here’s…

Pumpkin Beer Cheese

Did you miss out on Oktoberfest festivities this year? Are you slightly jealous after seeing all of those pictures on social media of your friends clanging steins of beer together and eating sausages on a bun? Have no fear – with this beer cheese recipe,…

Apple & Gouda Stuffed Chicken with Sage Gravy

I love taking a classic dish like seared chicken breast and sprucing it up with whatever seasonal ingredients are available to me. This time around, I was really inspired by tart apples and cozy herb flavours like sage and thyme to create a delicious pan…

Butternut Squash Risotto with Crispy Pancetta & Goat Cheese

I’m sure I’ve said about 1000 times already that nothing screams comfort food quite like the start of autumn … but when that slight chill in the evenings starts, you better believe I am running over every recipe I can think of trying to cram…

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Hey guys, my name’s Alicia + welcome to my blog! I live in Ottawa, Canada and consider myself a self-taught food enthusiast and a writer at heart (a.k.a the perfect recipe for a food blogger). I’m known as the designated “food person” among my family and friends because I love tasting different foods, I love the stories and memories that food creates, and of course, all of the satisfying discoveries that come from cooking at home.

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