things i’m loving


Jade Leaf Organic Matcha
Sweetened Blend w/ Organic unrefined cane sugar

On the days where I want a cold morning pick-me-up without the aftertaste of coffee, I’ve been gravitating towards an iced matcha latte recently. I bought a hand-frother from Amazon and it’s doing wonders for that light and airy foam that sits upon my healthy green drink. Matcha has soo many amazing benefits from drinking it (seriously, look it up) and I find that it usually keeps me caffeinated longer than my usual drip-coffee — plus, I tend to have two cups of coffee but that is not the case with matcha!

As for the dairy option of choice, well, see below…

Silk Oat Milk
in Unsweetened Original / Vanilla

Tell me why it took 500 years for me to get on the oat milk band-wagon? I actually know the answer — I was struggling to find an oat bevvy that didn’t have a ‘may contain (insert random nut here)’ warning on the package. The only one I’ve found and that I trust now is from Silk. For context, I usually buy lactose-free 1% milk and mostly use it for baking or the odd bowl of cereal, but I find that the oat milk compliments that fresh, grassy taste from the matcha powder and is a nice change knowing that it won’t leave you bloated like regular dairy! Total fave of this month, for sure.

Healthy Crunch ™ Seed Butters
Seed Butter Bundle

Staying in the realm of discovering more nut-free options, I found these and was so excited when I got my order! My go-to non-nut butter of choice is Wow Butter (which uses soy beans instead of peanuts), and although soya butter changed the game for me over the years when all my friends were devouring their PB+Js at school, I definitely didn’t get to enjoy anything but a smooth/crunchy option. With these seed butters, there’s actually fun flavours??? LGBE was very very very happy!!

So far I’ve only tried the chocolate flavour which is *chef’ kiss* with a bit of apple as an afternoon snack, but I am super pumped to try the superseed and crunchy flavour too in oatmeal, as a new addition to my butter chicken recipe (ou, an idea), or even in baking! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a sunflower seed butter and want to support a female owned, Canadian brand! Double whammy on awesome points if you ask me.


Cuisinart Griddler Elite

New favourite thing ever – a panini press, an electric grill, a flat griddle – all in one. Investing in a nice press hurts the wallet a little but considering how many times we have used this thing already and we only bought it at the end of February? Totally worth the money.

We’re able to grill protein in less than five minutes given that there are two hotplates built into the plates. I’ve also enjoyed the fanciest of gourmet pressed sandwiches for lunch too and if that isn’t worth it, then I don’t know what is. The grill plates are also reversible and turn into flat griddles! Yes, it means cracking a window or the patio door open to use the dang thing, but man, I totally see us getting a ton of use out of it on our balcony this summer.

KitchenAid Mini Food Processor

A small appliance that I didn’t think was really necessary in my life but again, I use this thing all. the. time. Two of the main uses for it so far have been to make homemade creamy hummus and super speedy quick pesto. The best part is honestly that everything can be put into the dishwasher for cleaning which is so convenient. I recommend buying from Amazon though (no affiliate, lol) since that is the cheapest price I have seen compared to in-store.


Kosas Cloud Set Baked Setting & Smoothing Powder
in Feathery

Calling all my dry-skin friends — if you’re like me, you tend to avoid setting powders (or any face powder in general) like the plague because it always feels like it’s sucking the life out of your skin. But I’m telling you now, you need. to. try. this. powder.

I love this powder for so many reasons: it’s light-weight on your skin and finely milled to feel like satin, it blurs your pores and creates a smooth canvas for other makeup to lay on top of it, it’s super sheer although it comes in a few different shades so it’s just looking to set your makeup instead of adding coverage, it doesn’t completely mattify any glowy base you may have on underneath so you still look dewy and fresh, and lastly, it comes in this satisfying lilac packaging….so pretty.

The Ordinary – Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

Another staple in my everyday skincare / makeup routine. I’ve stopped using primers for the most part in my everyday makeup (mostly because I think they’re so expensive for what they sell you!) but also because I find that this moisturizer is all I really need to keep my skin hydrated, non-greasy feeling, and ready for other products. A super affordable option for a moisturizer that has ingredients meant to replenish and retain moisture in your skin naturally, with the added bonus of having 0 fragrance for all my followers out there who have also have sensitive skin. An awesome unisex moisturizer!!

tarte – SEA Breezy Cream Bronzer
in Seychelles

I am so thankful for the spring weather because it means my cream makeup products can make a comeback after the drying winter temperatures and low humidity levels! I purchased this bronzer last year on a whim when it first came out and the more I use it, the more I love it. It’s a very creamy, but blendable, formula that sinks into my skin nicely instead of sitting on top of it. I love the big pan size too since all the makeup sponges I have (which is my preferred tool with this product) get mega-large when I run them under water. This product also has super cute packaging and has waay more product than my other powder bronzer products.


Sage Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy

If anybody else got hit with a gnarly case of migraines and headaches with the sudden change in weather, you are not alone!! I’ve found that this little roller-ball remedy is able to keep a minor headache at bay for me if I suddenly feel like I’m getting a tension headache. To each their own!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I know it’s a sleeping mask but I actually use this as an everyday lip balm and it has changed the condition of my lips forever. Pro tip – slather a little of this on your lips right before you put on a face mask and you’ll thank me later. No dry lips here!


Ticket to Ride (Online)

I’ve been playing this game with my friends literally every Sunday since February. My family was introduced to the physical board game last year and it immediately became a favourite, but like a lot of board games, the price of them can be a little shocking! 70 bucks for some plastic and cardboard, boooooo. So you could imagine how happy I was when I saw this game on sale on Steam for under $10. I advised all my friends that it was worth the small amount of money and we have been addicted ever since.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

I can’t say that I was a huge fan of Wanda Vision when it was released and I think it was because the short episodes didn’t make me feel like I was really watching a Marvel series when I am a massive fan of the movies. I will say though, the new Falcon and Winter Soldier available on Disney+ gets an A++ from me! Super thrilled to see how the show evolves!

Ru Paul’s Drag Race – S13

I just have one question… is your blooood suga low?

Overcooked 2

After a few drinks, this game is actually pretty hilarious — chaotic multiplayer madness. Perfect game to play on a Saturday night in these days!

Jamie Paige Doodles

Huge shout-out to one of my favourite Canadian beauty influencers – Jamie Paige! She created a secondary business on Etsy and started selling her little doodles as stickers and they have been all the rage lately. She’s slowly adding more to the brand and created notepads, prints, to-do lists, and after watching all her latest Instagram Lives, the new collections just keep getting better and better. I will say the quality of her products are high and the packaging is a little dose of happiness when it arrives. I mean, just look for yourself!