April 2020

I can’t believe I’m about to type this out, but we are officially finished with winter and spring is full steam ahead. It’s been MONTHS of grey skies, cold commutes to the office and frigid temperatures, and we are finally getting the spring we deserved…except for the inconvenient timing of COVID-19.

The last few weeks of March was a whirlwind of confusing emotions, abrupt changes and a whole range of newly-imposed restrictions that put our society through chaos and serious concern. I realize that every person will see this point in time as a different experience, and it will vary incredibly due to our social, economic, and culturally different circumstances. It’s incredible to know that some may not even realize a difference in the world until they are faced with devastating news that impacts them suddenly. I think it’s a fair statement to say that a lot of people are trying to be appreciative and grateful for this time, since it provides them a chance to self-reflect on how their personal mental mindset, emotional capacity and physical health are managing during this global problem.

I for one, have never felt so much empathy for our society. In a time where so many may feel like they are at an ultimate low, I am trying to find the silver lining in all of this by sifting through the upsetting information we’re exposed to, and focusing on the positive and caring actions that humans are doing for one another despite the devastation that many are facing. It reminds me that generosity and hope are dismissed in our hectic lives rather easily when they should really be acknowledged as often as possible–a bit of hope unites us more than you think.

With a new month, I usually look forward to getting creative every other weekend and attempting new recipes or ways of exploring food. This month though, I’ve been gravitating to things that are comforting and familiar to me as a reminder that life is still chugging along. As I’ve said before, food starts new memories, but it can also bring memories back to life. Cooking things from instinct is a comfort in itself because that is something I can control right now, and I know exactly what to expect when I am finished.

I encourage my foodie friends to think back to times in your life where the food was as present to the occasion as much as the people that were there. You can expect a lot of comfort foods from me this month — maybe they won’t trigger a memory for you as much as they are for me, but at least it’ll taste good, I promise you that.

Peace and good eats guys,
– A❁