February 2021

For someone who didn’t like spending too much time on social media BEFORE the pandemic, you can only imagine how I feel now.

Being “online” was never something I paid much attention to. I’d scroll Twitter like the average person in the middle of the night, I’d like a few pictures of my friends on Instagram, and yeah I’d post a new profile picture on Facebook every once in a while, but I sure as heck didn’t make it a priority to see and consume everything on my social media accounts.

But like the rest of the world, so many of us gravitated towards social media as the pandemic surpassed borders, travelled across seas, and before I knew it, it had made its way to my city. Everything changed in the span of a weekend and social media became the security blanket we all needed.

Social media didn’t just dominate our spare time, but it encouraged everybody to be online, to be accessible and reachable. The worst part for me was knowing that I couldn’t avoid it — it was almost like I had to partake in being online otherwise the regular life of not being online all the time actually seemed dull in comparison.

Now I know I’m definitely advocating the doom and gloom of the power of the internet and that there is always the other side of the story to tell, but I hope that others have also reflected on this observation themselves because it’s an important one. When faced with the decision to be online browsing the platforms or to be physically present (those decisions are harder to come by these days) I deliberately choose the ‘boomer’ choice *gasp* for that mental satisfaction of knowing that I still have the choice!

If anything, I’m trying to make my presence online more meaningful to me so that when I look back on all the content I’ve created, I’m reminded not just of posting on the blog itself, but all the in-person memories that come from the pictures and stories that I’m sharing along the way.

So you might see a few new things in and around the blog next month… just know it’s as new for me as it is for you and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out!

As always, peace and good eats.