March 2020

Sun. Writing. Coffee. Happy vibe music? Check.

March is about untangling from the cranky, winter version of yourself and taking a breath of air that teleports you into a garden full of spring flowers, feeling warm sun on your face again, and the sounds of happy people outside who aren’t shouting “IM SO OVER WINTER!” off in the distance. We’ve all done it.

Don’t get me wrong when I say I would gladly scarf down a brown Sunday pot roast, with brown gravy, beige mashed potatoes and maybe a HINT of green from some parsley or something.

But now that the sun is back out? I’m reminded that I should proooobably expand the colour range of my food again…that also goes for my wardrobe and makeup choices. Right around the beginning of January, I thought maybe I should try to eat a bit more veggie friendly…and then realized that’s such a terrible idea to try in the middle of a season where there is nothing in Canada that is considered as “in season” except for icewine and baked goods.

I will be challenging myself this March to try and bring back the colour, the vibrancy, but most importantly…

“the f r e s h”.

Peace and good eats, guys.