May 2021

It’s hard knowing that we are entering May and are still required to be within a lockdown phase in Ontario. Cases are spiraling, vaccines are slowly being administered, and the public are getting resssstless. It’s hard guys, I know it’s hard. Especially now that we’re going to see all the wonderful temperatures, sun, and breezy days — it’s still a matter of frustration.

Last year I posted a bunch of patio bite favourites and of course, I intend to do the same this year because it was such a hit. If there’s anything that perks me up in this transition period between spring and early summer, it’s spending as much time outside in the sun as I can and it’s gonna involve incredible food & drink.

So bring your sunglasses back out, practice your at-home bartender skills, and let’s get started on playing with our food eh?

Peace and good eats,