October 2019

Welcome back, foodie friends!

I am never more in the mood to be in the kitchen than when autumn hits. The leaves in Ottawa are vibrant hues of orange and red. The weather is breezy and the air smells like crisp nature. There are several autumnal candles spread across the apartment, and images of roasty toasty comfort dishes fill my head every day. So in that case, it is time for LG,BG to make her grand entrance.

I’m dedicating this first blog to some of my favourite fall things to enjoy in and outside the kitchen.

You gotta make apple pie. You just gotta. I don’t care if you make homemade pie dough, I don’t care where you get your apples (but it’s worth the trip to the orchard), but without one of those bad boys this season? You might as well just fast-forward to the 60 months of winter.

A lot of roasted vegetables. Enough to make people think you’ve gone vegetarian for the next few months. Roasted vegetables seasoned with warm spices like cumin or garam masala are just ten times more appealing when the chillier temperatures start to roll around. Some of my favourites are brussel sprouts turned crispy and golden, sweet maple + spiced carrots, and earthy brown-sugared beets.

Something comforting from the oven. If you’re looking for a new recipe that’s a little upscale but actually very easy to replicate, try this braised red wine short ribs with mashed potatoes. I have nothing more to say so I’ll just let this picture speak for how unbelievably tasty it is.

“Yeah, do you guys have a fruity one, something spicy but nothing too sweet, and maybe just a hint of cinnamon?” No, this is not me at Starbucks ordering a drink… this is me at Bath&Body Works. Right now, I’ve been rotating through Frosted Cranberry, The Perfect Autumn and French Baguette.

Please tell me that you’ve tried apple butter before. If you haven’t, you better boot your butt down to the grocery store. It’s so versatile! This jammy spread is applesauce gone wild — super rich in apple flavour, ideal in both sweet and savoury dishes, and uniquely perfect for a chutney or marinade on meats.

Lastly, a fall-inspired wine bevvy…fall sangria. Perfect for enjoying with the girlfriends, perfect for sipping throughout Thanksgiving, more fun than wine but still classy chic, you know?

Looking forward to sharing more LG,BE content with you friends.
Peace and good eats,