October 2020


We are celebrating a one year anniversary of LG,BE!

It’s been a whole year since I decided to bring back this blog to life and wow, I can’t believe it. I never really expected that this blog would provide me with the sense of comfort that it does but it’s grown on me in ways that I never knew I would appreciate.

I wanted this blog to be a getaway originally. Just an online diary that would hold all my recipes for myself and where I could share my genuine love for food with others. I’ve said from the start that the main reasons why I created this space was to shine light on two of my favourite things — to write and to cook — and to give me something to do on the weekends that would breathe life into me again. I remembered how excited I was when I first began writing under the original LG,BE identity back in 2012, and honestly that excitement still exists and it still motivates me now.

I think it’s fair to say that it didn’t matter to me whether LG,BE became popular over time. I don’t have professional photography skills or equipment to shoot content. I don’t spend hours monitoring my socials and thinking about algorithms. I didn’t worry about the thought that I could potentially make an income off of this blog if I really wanted it to be that way. I didn’t worry about sticking to a strict posting schedule, and I sure as heck didn’t worry about following the footsteps of other food bloggers.

I wrote for myself. I cooked for myself. I keep cooking creatively for all of the supportive people in my life who cheer me on when they see me post (you guys are all seriously the best.) I will always continue to cook and share recipes with others out of love and I appreciate all the encouragement and commentary that my family, friends and readers have given me over the course of the year.

So yeah, we’re celebrating for a very small reason, but it matters the absolute most.
A celebration calls for homemade cake, new photos, and making a big deal about it because why not?

Peace and good eats, friends. -A❁