September 2020

We’ve made it to SEPTEMBER.

I always felt that I was nabbed from a normal September because it usually meant I was strapped down under tasks that come with being enrolled in university — textbook purchasing, syllabus reading, figuring out transit schedules, reconnecting with friends after the summer, you know it all. Put all that stuff aside though, and I actually really love September.

The mornings are just as beautiful to enjoy a cup of coffee on the balcony and the nights are just as satisfying even if you have to break out your cozy sweater. It’s also the perfect month to start transitioning slowly away from summery bbq dinners and into warm comfort food AKA– what I sort of need in my life all year ’round but I’ll settle for September.

We’ve been trying to eat differently these last couple of weeks. A few lighter meals with no starch component, a few meatless meals twice a week, but also a lot more healthier alternatives in the sugar/dairy/fat department. I’ve started using less refined sugar and have gravitated towards honey or maple syrup. Same thing with dairy — no more heavy whipping cream will be on demand in my fridge for the foreseeable future (this one hurt my soul for a while). Even our proteins have started to circulate only around leaner cuts or have completely pulled away to *nut-free* plant based options.

It’s been a challenging but very noticeable change.

Good habits can take a while to overcome but I’ve always said that if you limit yourself completely, there’s a higher chance that you’re going to be dissatisfied just as quickly and opt for the easy, unhealthy and more convenient options available near you.

I hope that you guys see a difference in some of the ingredients in this month’s recipes and that you embrace them for the goodness of nutrients they provide!! Life is short and wonderful for a reason, so let’s fuel our bodies in the best way possible to keep ourselves smiling, motivated, and genuinely happy.

Peace and good eats as always,