The Merry Dairy

102 Fairmont Avenue
Ottawa ON

Who wouldn’t be happy to visit a place that sells ice cream?? The answer is crazy people.

The best thing about being a kid is going for a sweet ice cream cone or sundae on a hot, summer day. Unfortunately, not many places were offering all guaranteed peanut-free options for kids with allergies and it meant the only ice cream I could really trust was coming from the Chapman’s brand. Back in the early 2000s, the craziest flavour of ice cream you could get with Chapman’s was mint chip or butterscotch ripple…which in comparison to birthday cake! or brownie bonanza! or strawberry cheesecake! flavours, really wasn’t as exciting.

So you could only imagine how thrilled I was when I found out that a place here in Ottawa sold, arguably, the best ice cream in the city and that they are a 100% peanut free/nut free guaranteed business *cue LG,BE shrieking*.

There’s so much to say about this little local gem.

the neighbourhood

if you’ve never been to the Hintonburg area, it’s really something special. a lot of history mixed in with some modern buildings creates a very unique atmosphere. There’s a lot of older families who live in the area and who have probably been there for 30+ years, but there are also many young millennials who are attracted to the lifestyle of living near Wellington St.

With a great deal of small businesses and shops to support, a few incredible fine dining choices, and the overall feel of living in a developed city neighbourhood — Hintongburg is definitely a great spot to place this cute little ice cream shop.

why are they so awesome?

1. All of their ice cream products are nut, peanut and sesame free! (shriek) + they even have a few gluten-free and vegan options!

Their allergen information is readily available on their website and extremely clear about their service and ability to provide these options to customers. I love their transparency and appreciate their business perspective so much because of this.

2. They sell more than just ice-cream scoops!

They also sell ice cream pints, homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches, ice cream cakes, and even creative “Merry Pops” popsicles during the summer.

3. They make flavours that make you excited to have ice-cream!

From Honeycomb to Trash Panda (vanilla swirled with raspberry and malted fudge), to Lemon Lavender and Hibiscus Passionfruit. They’re intriguing and obviously, delicious.

4. You can book their ice cream cart or classic cutesy ice cream truck for events!

& yes, it really does make you feel like a kid again when you see their truck parked out back.

So you better believe you’ll find me roaming around the streets of Hintonburg later this summer…all for that sweet, sweet, sweet taste of
Merry Dairy ice-cream.

As always, peace and good eats.
-A ❁

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