A Christmas Clementine Cocktail

12 Days of Christmas with LG,BE

Day 2:

As a child, the last thing that would be pulled out of my Christmas stocking every year was a plump clementine that would be nestled in the toe of the stocking. I always thought it was my parents way of telling me that I should eat some fruit among all the other Christmas sweets and treats that would be consumed during the day, but I never ate that clementine. I always plopped it back in the fruit bowl for someone else to enjoy (haha, sorry Mom and Dad!).

Apparently after some quick research, this tradition refers to a tale about St. Nicholas (yes, the very St. Nick we know) who devoted his life to helping others. When he learned of a poor man who was unable to find suitors for his 3 daughters and could not afford a dowry for each, St. Nicholas travelled to the man’s house and threw three sacks of gold down the chimney, where they happened to land in the girls’ stockings as they were hanging from the fireplace to dry. Can we see the similarity now?

Anyways, although I never appreciated the mighty clementine as a child, I played around with the flavour and created a not-so-child-friendly way to enjoy your Christmas Clementine. ;’)


  • 2 oz. of vodka
  • 1/4 cup of strained clementine juice
    (about two clementines)
  • Splash of sparkling water
    (I used PC brand blueberry & pomegranate flavoured–sooo good)
  • Optional — a splash of cranberry juice for extra tartness
  • Ice
  • Pomegranate seeds + clementine slice + thyme to garnish

P.S straining the clementine juice will ensure there’s no pulp in your drink!

Add the vodka, clementine juice (+cran juice if adding) and the pomegranate seeds to a glass with ice and mix together. Top with sparkling water to help make the pomegranate seeds float and garnish!


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