Mulled Apple Cider

It's the one time of the year where pure apple cider is available to us at any grocery store or orchard, which of course calls for an occasion to warm it up, spike it slightly, and settle down for the evening with a soothing cup of mulled apple cider. Growing up, this was always a [...]

Homemade Irish Cream

❄LG,BE's 12 Days of Christmas❄ DAY 11 I definitely was not the only one to have a phase during the pandemic that was coffee-centric; sionara Starbucks and helloooo at-home barista! With this recipe, I wanted to highlight a familiar flavour that reminds me of Christmas evenings and also as a chance to remind my lovely [...]

Red Moon Over Manhattan & Vanilla Whiskey Soaked Cherries

☃LG,BE's 12 Days of Christmas☃ DAY 5 Soooooo, this may be my new favourite cocktail. I can picture myself sipping this on Christmas Eve night, listening to some jazzy carols and with the fireplace lighting up the room with a cozy glow. I love that this cocktail includes red wine and a very winter appropriate [...]

Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule

Slowly, very slowly, I'm appreciating the taste for ginger beer more than I thought I would. Although I love using fresh ginger in stir frys, homemade pho, or when making butter chicken...I wasn't a huge fan of this fizzy/spicy pop-like soda at first. But now????? Obsessed. It goes perfectly with notes of crisp apple and [...]

Mr. & Mrs. Claus’ Cocktails

12 Days of Christmas with LG,BE Day 9: For all of the Mr. & Mrs. Claus' out there (with the kiddies or not) it's nice to be matchy-matchy with your partner in joy, right? MRS. CLAUS 2 oz. of whiskey2 oz. of ginger beer2oz. of cranberry-pomegranate juice (makes mrs. claus' drink a deep red)1 cinnamon [...]

A Christmas Clementine Cocktail

12 Days of Christmas with LG,BE Day 2: As a child, the last thing that would be pulled out of my Christmas stocking every year was a plump clementine that would be nestled in the toe of the stocking. I always thought it was my parents way of telling me that I should eat some [...]

The Great Canadian Caesar

As a child, I remember thinking how amazing it would be to visit Ottawa for Canada Day, without realizing that I would one day call our nation's capital my home. On July 1, Ottawa breathes red and white. Parliament Hill almost sparkles in the midst of everyone's excitement as they come together to celebrate the [...]

Morning Mimosas

There are probably only a few times in life where you can wake up and start sipping on champagne. Your wedding day, your "champagne birthday", and a New Year's Day brunch? And um, the morning of Dec. 25, duh. You need three things, my friends. OJ, champagne and fresh fruit. Fill your glass 1/4 full [...]

Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate on a cold, snowy day is the ultimate beverage if you want to survive this dreary winter that's heading our way. For a minute, just forget the stuff that you buy at the grocery store -- it's 95% sugar and anything "instant" is never, I repeat never, as good as making it yourself. [...]

Orange Mint Gin & Tonic

I asked you guys what sort of alcoholic drinks you'd prefer on Instagram (oh yeah, check out @littlegirl_bigeats !!) A lot of you voted for a bitter drink over a sweet one, preferring to taste the alcohol for what it is rather than have it hidden with other savoury flavours. I immediately thought of a [...]