Eggnog French Toast Casserole

🎄LG,BE's 12 Days of Christmas🎄 DAY 12 Christmas morning is covered, friends. The best part about overnight casseroles like this one is that your breakfast is pretty much 90% done -- all you have to do is pop it in the oven as soon as you crawl out of your cozy bed on Christmas morning. [...]

Mom’s Pancakes

12 Days of Christmas with LG,BE Day 12: We've made it to Day 12 foodie friends!! What a fun writing and cooking challenge this has been for myself and for my family and loved ones who got to "test-drive" some of the recipes along the way with me. Some of these recipes were obviously not [...]

Sheet Pan Egg-in-a-Hole with Crispy Prosciutto

12 Days of Christmas with LG,BE Day 6: Who doesn't love a good breakfast? This may be surprising to most, but my favourite meal to enjoy out is actually breakfast and not dinner. I genuinely miss going out for breakfast on Sunday morning -- and I'm talking actual breakfast guys and not brunch! Like the [...]

Morning Mimosas

There are probably only a few times in life where you can wake up and start sipping on champagne. Your wedding day, your "champagne birthday", and a New Year's Day brunch? And um, the morning of Dec. 25, duh. You need three things, my friends. OJ, champagne and fresh fruit. Fill your glass 1/4 full [...]

Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate on a cold, snowy day is the ultimate beverage if you want to survive this dreary winter that's heading our way. For a minute, just forget the stuff that you buy at the grocery store -- it's 95% sugar and anything "instant" is never, I repeat never, as good as making it yourself. [...]