Morning Mimosas

There are probably only a few times in life where you can wake up and start sipping on champagne. Your wedding day, your “champagne birthday”, and a New Year’s Day brunch? And um, the morning of Dec. 25, duh.

You need three things, my friends. OJ, champagne and fresh fruit.

Fill your glass 1/4 full with OJ and top up the rest with cold bubbly. For extra fancy points, add an orange slice or frozen raspberries.

Alternatives to OJ?

  • Peach nectar would be delicious.
  • Pomegranate juice for a ruby red festive choice.
  • Mango / Pineapple juice for a tropic-flare
  • Grapefruit juice would be a refreshing change too.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with holiday cheer, you can always rim the glass with fine sugar or coloured sprinkles too.

Cheers, foodie friends!

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