Red Moon Over Manhattan & Vanilla Whiskey Soaked Cherries

☃LG,BE’s 12 Days of Christmas


Soooooo, this may be my new favourite cocktail. I can picture myself sipping this on Christmas Eve night, listening to some jazzy carols and with the fireplace lighting up the room with a cozy glow. I love that this cocktail includes red wine and a very winter appropriate fruit — the almighty dark cherry. It tastes smooth, citrusy, and very well-rounded because of the way the wine plays with the cherries.

Now, I will warn that there are a few specialty items in this recipe and I totally understand if you’re going out on a whim to make this one with whatever you have laying around – but promise me you will log it in your brain to try at one point during this holiday season. You will not be disappointed!

The whole reason why this cocktail is called “Red Moonis because of the the ice-spheres that the recipe calls for!

Again, not super necessary if you aren’t in the mood to have another type of ice mold in your kitchen, but I will say that these sphere molds make any cocktail feel extra boujee.


  • Ice spheres, made in advance
  • 1 oz of Crown Royal Vanilla — good in this recipe, and just as nice on the rocks!
  • 1 oz of cointreau
  • 4 whiskey soaked cherries (see note below)
  • A medium-bodied red wine

Whiskey Soaked Cherries:

In a shallow dish, add 4 frozen cherries (per drink) and pour enough Crown Royal Vanilla to submerge them. Place in the fridge for up to 4 hours in advance. Skewer them for your drink and save the liquor they were soaking in for your recipe.

Add your ice sphere to a cocktail glass. Use the Crown Royal you used to soak your cherries in as the oz of whiskey called for in the recipe. Pour this, as well as the Cointreau (Grand Marnier is a great substitute) over the ice sphere. Next, top up the glass with red wine and then add your skewered soaked cherries as a garnish.

Enjoy this very classy cocktail with the lights down low and like I said, some faint jazz on in the background.

Peace and good eats, as always.

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