Grilled Peach and Burrata Salad

If you’ve never grilled a fruit before….I think you need to start this summer.

Grilled fruit hits different — it’s a mixture of that char smoky flavour, paired with a naturally sweet bite, and to throw in an even different flavour profile … throw a little sea salt in there too. *chef’s kiss* and if you couldn’t tell, the almighty peach was the fruit of choice for this salad.

ALSO – I mentioned this on my latest IG post but I cannot believe it took my 25 years to taste burrata?? Clearly, I’ve been living under a rock. I didn’t think it was going to be anything special and like everybody else, I’m sure you think to buy burrata is just overly expensive and definitely not a necessity by any means when it comes to cooking.

That being said though, when I visited this Italian gourmet food shop called One Fine Food in Peterborough and saw that they had fresh burrata ready and waiting? I couldn’t resist. I SPLURGED ON CHEESE OKAY, what else is new lol.

So if you’re looking to try a new summer salad, highly recommend you bring out the grilled fruit and fresh cheese and get this one on the bucket list PRONTO.


  • fresh peaches ( slightly ripe but not mushy! )
    halved and quartered, pit removed
  • burrata, you can find this in your deli cheese section usually right next to the fresh mozzarella!
    dried off from excess liquid, leave whole until ready to use
  • fresh mint and basil, chiffonade style
  • really good olive oil, S+P, and maybe some balsamic vinegar if you’re feeling adventurous
  • optional: baguette for serving

Start by putting the peach quarters onto dampened wooden bbq skewers. Brush lightly with olive oil and season lightly also with some salt + pepper. Grill for up to 5 minutes, until you have some nice grill marks and can see the peaches start to caramelize from its’ natural sugars.

Chop the fresh mint and basil and place in a small bowl with again, a bit of olive oil and season lightly with more salt + pepper. We are going for clean flavours and really want the herbs, peaches and burrata to distinctly sing its’ own song.

Next, place the grilled peaches on a serving plate. Cut into the burrata and place wedge pieces in between pieces of peach. Drizzle with mint/basil vinaigrette, add another finishing touch of olive oil (and balsamic vinegar/reduction) if using. And voila! The most amazing summer salad to indulge on.

Peace and good eats guys,

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