December 2019

It’s December!!

* Psst, sound on, foodie friends! *

It’s that time of year again — everywhere you look is holiday this and holiday that and frankly, it really does add a boost to your mood…especially when you look outside at 4:30 p.m. and think it’s already midnight.

I’ve decided to make this month’s blogs and recipes very nostalgic. There will be a few recipes that ooze with holiday cheer, no doubt about that, but I also want to share recipes that remind me of my family and our customs we do time and time again to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas has always had a focus on traditional food that keeps in sync with my Polish heritage. Christmas Eve, which we refer to as Wigilia
(Vee-gee-lia), is a meatless feast at night. Christmas Day dinner usually stays true to North-American classic dishes like roasted turkey, glazed ham, mash + gravy, green beans, etc. In between that, lots of homemade Polish sweets or chocolate because we do not like to skimp!!

I wanted these recipes to be reliable and reflective for however you celebrate this time of year — whether it be around family during the holidays, or with your friends as your ring-in the new year.

You will see spicy shrimp pasta for the seafood lovers. A trustworthy pork-tenderloin seared so perfectly that the big kahuna turkey might get jealous. You will see classic sides that are dinner party/friend get-together friendly, and if you haven’t guessed it yet, a morning mimosa for the adults, warm hot chocolate for the joyful kid in all of us.

And before I close out this blog, I just want to say one more sappy thing.

There is so much that happened in the year that I can’t help but get all sentimental. 2019 marked a few special milestones for myself; I graduated from university,I was promoted to full-time for the first time, I moved into my first apartment with my long-term boyfriend, I successfully managed to get a full-time position working with the government in Ottawa, and the most relevant, I started up LG,BE again! :’)

I can’t believe how fast those moments seem when you’re in the middle of living them, but reflecting back now, it was a phenomenal year that I am very grateful for. Not to mention all of the people in my life who put smiles on my faces and made me laugh to my heart’s content all the way through. For that, I say thank you x 100 — I wish I could host you all for the greatest dinner party and food made with love as my returning gift. Hmm.. there’s an idea…

Until the new year, peace and good eats.
– A ❁