May 2020

Helloooo everyone,

Let me paint a picture for you:
It’s the weekend. You’re sitting outside on your deck or balcony and the breeze is light and airy. That sun has been shining all day. Around 4, you’re thinking about celebrating happy hour, and suddenly before you know it, you’re full-on committed to doing “apps + bevvies” at home and the Spotify playlist is going strong in the background. Now that is how I’m aspiring to be this month.

Anybody else sooo ready to start enjoying more time outside? With March still considered as winter in Ottawa, and April showing a glimmer of hope….right before the random snow storms, I think I can speak for many when I say BRING ON THE SUN!! And bring on the patio life too, social distancing style, of course.

I’m limited to a small balcony in my apartment, but that tiny amount of space outside makes a world of a difference for someone like me who truly loves the outdoors — from hiking in provincial parks to strolling along boardwalks or even drinking your coffee on Sunday morning outside for a change — the outdoors provides a great mental space to place yourself in, especially after the long winter blues.

What I usually look forward to all year is that chance to sit outside, where I can snack on finger foods and enjoy a happy hour at home in anticipation for a patio season that will most likely be postponed for months. That’s why this month’s blogs will be dedicated to that visualization of enjoying easy outdoor appetizers and fun experimental drinks with friends — virtually at least. :’)

As always, peace and good eats.