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Bread By Us

1065 Wellington St. West,
Ottawa, Ontario

the neighbourhood

if you’ve never been to the Hintonburg area, it’s really something special. A lot of history mixed in with some modern buildings creates a very unique atmosphere. There’s a lot of older families who live in the area and who have probably been there for 30+ years, but there are also many young millennials who are attracted to the lifestyle of living near Wellington St.

With a great deal of small businesses and shops to support, a few incredible fine dining choices, and the overall feel of living in a developed city neighbourhood — Hintonburg is definitely a great spot.

Photo from breadbyus.com

why are they so awesome?

1. The products are simply beautiful!

There is something about walking into a small little bakery with moody lighting and the toasty smell of bakery air that really adds to the whole experience of buying fresh bread. I can’t say I’ve tried every single menu item and can give a review on everything they sell, but what I can tell you is that I have never been disappointed with their breads. They are moist, flavourful, perfectly baked, and just appear to be the most picturesque loaf of bread to ever exist. The two sourdoughs and herb focaccia have been absolute game changers to whatever you are using them for and I cannot wait to keep testing their menu as the months turn colder.

Oh, and they also sell pastries made in-house, just in case you weren’t already sold on their brand!

2. They also support other businesses within Ottawa by re-selling their products.

I’ve found that a common theme among Ottawa shops (and frankly, many big/small cities or towns) are that they re-sell products from other businesses to encourage profit and also advertise products elsewhere. Bread By Us sells a few different items in their shop:

Moo Shu Icecream (vegan flavours), Top Shelf Preserves, Jogo Juice (hibiscus juice drink) various Michael’s Dolce jams, Thirteen: A Social Enterprise (non-profit selling African spice blends), Grazing Days (Quebec farm selling poultry, pork and beef) and Culture Kombucha.

I love when small businesses encourage one another – it’s truly inspiring!

3. You can “pay it forward” and help donate food to those in the community who need it.

Directly on their site, Bread By Us states that they have donated over 10,000 items in 6 years to food-insecure members of the community by pairing up with Cooking for a Cause initiative. This was obviously something incorporated into their business model long-term, but to think that they continued to do the same throughout the pandemic is super heart-warming. Food-related donations are so incredibly important to any major city, so I was very happy to see this is an option in their online store.

4. Their website and FAQs are clearly detailed and very informational.

Do you want to know what they’ll be selling on Thursday? They got you covered. Scared they’ll run out of your favourite baguette early in the AM? They accept online orders (+have been doing deliveries and pickup time slots consistently. Oh, curious about if they can slice your loaf? CHECK. Everything on their website is extremely easy to read, answered all of my questions which more often that not, is sometimes how I judge businesses — online prescience is a key to any brand and they just seem to have it down to a science … kinda like baking bread!

Don’t fret–the staff are also super awesome and I bet it’s because they’re just happy little muffins working at a place as wonderful as that bakery.

As always, peace and good eats.
-A ❁


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