Homemade Pretzels

There are not many places you can get a fresh pretzel, I know it and you know it. A fairground, maybe a sports event, or a random kiosk at the mall. Either way!! You can make them at home, just like we should be doing since we're all coping with social distancing by becoming master [...]

Tomato Toast

Hey foodie friends!I wonder how many of you are in the same boat as me right now. My apartment has z e r o breakfast ingredients with the exception of coffee; my lunches consist of the most obscure ingredients, and then dinner seems to magically appear as if I wasn't just pacing around my kitchen [...]

Sheet Pan Loaded Fries

The first time I made these, I don't know why, but my brain automatically thought, "These would be badass on Boxing Day." Boxing Day reminds me of eating junk food, having a casual drink at home or at an ugly-sweater party, and relaxing while watching Netflix episodes of Friends. On a totally unrelated note, I [...]